SAP Business Intelligence

SAP net Weaver Business Intelligent (BI) infrastructure unifies integration technologies into a single platform and is pre integrated with business applications, reducing the need for custom integration and can help your company create a successful infrastructure of Analyzing information from a single point of access for more accurate and timely business decisions. It is a comprehensive integration and application platform works with your existing IT infrastructure to enable and manage.

It support advanced query, reporting and multidimensional analysis with collaborative decision making in a timely manner. Provides flexible systems management for an enterprise BI standard that allows administrators to confidently deploy and standardize their BI implementations on a proven, scalable, and adaptive service-oriented architecture. Optimized solutions provide an addition of innovative, industry-specific business process with reduced risk to existing systems and a strong return on investment. Visually represent objectives, goals and key performance indicators for profitable decision making.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications are pre-built solutions designed for faster deployment at lower cost, lower risk, and with better business results which enable companies to more effectively manage their customers and improve business performance by timely monitoring. Oracle’s robust enterprise analytics platform enables users to easily customize and extend the application without the need for programming.

We understand your goals and priorities and can instrument in helping you to leverage the power of technology to achieve your goals. With our commitment to Oracle Applications, leveraging Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle BI Applications to improve intelligence across your business that can lead to better operational risk management and savings opportunities in long-term asset management. It seamlessly integrates with our applications and provides a common foundation under which we can create and distribute the reports and dashboards which provides more informed business decisions.

Business Analytics

The increasing of massive amounts of data has created the need for Business Analytics. Ihelps to analyze, act on data and recognize overnice trends & patterns so you can forecast and shape events and improve outcomes to elicit, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems which in opportunities in the context of the requirements and recommends solutions that enable the organization to achieve the goals, but if they can only be harnessed by highly paid specialists, so to accommodate Optimized Solutions is the best platform.

We have a detailed understanding of the whole business operation including its processes, policies, information systems and the environment to work with and the details involved in making changes and improvements to your business processes.

Big Data Analytics

Today’s business has more data than ever, so to handle this information that can set your business throughout uniformly, Our Business Analytics & Big Data practice will help you turn shapeless data into actionable insight. The technologies associated with big data analytics include NoSQL database, Hadoop and Map Reduce. These technologies form the core of an open source software framework that supports the processing of large data sets across clustered systems. Our solutions use a flexible, multi-purpose technology platform that converts multiple sources of unstructured data into one structured view which provides continues drive innovation and make the best possible decisions.

SAP HANA-Hadoop Solution

The combination of SAP HANA and Hadoop Data Platform is a perfect match for acquiring, analyzing and acting on your big data through in-memory processing. SAP HANA has now made it possible, with its “In-memory” computing capabilities to analyze the high volumes of transactional and other data affordably, both structured and unstructured (hadoop), with vastly increased speeds. Provides the capability to manage financial, asset, and cost accounting, production operations and materials, personnel, plants, and achieved documents.

With SAP’s HANA and Hadoop integration platform, since then, we’ve been working together to showcase the capability to integrate multiple types of data sources in real time with flexible and rapid designing, building, implementing, and executing new business strategies and processing. With our willingness to engage with clients as partners, our broad services portfolio and a strong commitment enables us to pave the way for new solutions at much faster speeds and volumes.

Open-Stack Private Cloud Solution

An Open-Stack Private Cloud Solution Provides a high security private network without losing control of the company’s data and to meet the needs of the business were a specified client can operate. Open Stack has quickly become the open-source cloud project with the broadest industry support and the most vibrant community. It provides control via web, usage can be monitored, supports full data center, and it’s a great way to compete in a dynamic business environment and save costs at the same time with a complete consolidate layer of control over every aspect of your IT. Optimized solutions provide you a simple log into a web console and start allocating resources on the go.