Cloud Implementation

To support a real-time business, leveraging SAP HANA provides clients with the differentiation of SAP’s analytics and mobility capabilities which will help in enable greater technology and business performance. This private cloud solution for SAP can vividly shorten the time and reduces both operational and capital expenses through a fixed price solution to provision new SAP environment.

Optimized Solutions has implemented a private cloud solution specifically for SAP that aims to meet the needs that leverage a complete set of services that guarantees fast solution delivery while assuring that your business needs are met. Optimized Solutions is one of the SAP’s major implementation allies and a leading innovator in the use of technology to deliver SAP environment with high performance, security-rich, cost-effective and scalable cloud infrastructures and business processes.

Hana Development

SAP HANA data processing is on a single in-memory database that can be deployed on premise or on demand which completely provides a well built platform for real-time business. It handles the transactional and analytical workloads together in-memory and can instantly access huge volumes of structured and unstructured data from different sources and make full use of the capabilities of current hardware to increase application performance, maximize efficiency and enable new scenarios and applications that integrate the business control logic and the database layer with unprecedented performance.

Optimized Solutions relentlessly pursuing of making SAP HANA available to the masses by providing it via cloud platform, we made a next milestone of our mission to drive the convergence of SAP HANA into one over-arching platform that empower developers to get the job done more efficiently and that implies more productively.

SAP Data Analytics

SAP Data Analytics provides tools to collect massive amounts of big data and extracting the meaning of that data and using it to drive real-business growth by ensuring the availability of equipment with proactive strategies. It can help to unbridle the power of collective insight by delivering enterprise business intelligence, advanced predictive analytics to all users on any widget and rapid deployment options that help you engage with your stakeholders to analyze vast volumes of data at lightning speed.

Optimized solutions provide applied analytics from SAP where you can track, analyze, and improve the performance of the equipment, challenges can be met with scenario-driven, reduces complexity and downtime, and increases output. We marked the importance to meet the needs of the business by SAP Data Analytics with data-source-agnostic, in-memory database appliance to enrich your business.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing the increasing array of mobile devices, wireless networks, and related services to enable broad use of mobile computing in a business context. This is an emerging discipline within the enterprise that has become increasingly important over the past few years as more workers have bought smartphone and tablet computing devices and have sought support for using these devices in the workplace. The main challenges of determining the right enterprise mobility strategy for an organization is to relate the available mobile IT to the overall purpose of the work conducted, to determine how closely the business process should be aligned to the mobile IT, and how to support mobile workers when they are using these devices in the workplace Our experts at OptimizedSol can help unleash the possibilities using mobility to help your business rise above the competition.

Application Development

SAP Application Development provides innovative ways to reach new customers, increases sales effectively with insight into the pipeline. It is an innovative in-memory relational database management system that has Integration Architecture with Data Migration which brings Enterprise Service Architecture and individualized process innovation to market.

Optimized Solutions with SAP capabilities, provides a rich portfolio of attractive, high quality and ready to implement apps for custom application development and turns your industry a true leader by continually transforming your offerings and improving performance. We will offer the immense choice of applications built on SAP platforms to cover the most specific needs.

Oracle Application Development

Oracle Application Development is a complete and integrated platform to develop, deploy of an application in a wireless environment, caches static and dynamic web content, and administer an internet application using industry’s browsers. It provides a dynamic personalized content to both registered and anonymous visitors, which are the world’s most complex ERP tools with specific business functional areas.

Portfolio of Optimized Solutions is a suite of service-enabled, provides enterprise application that can be easily integrated into service oriented architecture evolve business to a new level of performance with the choice of all advancements pioneered to our customers.

Oracle Exalytics Development

Oracle Exalytics deploy in existing IT environments by itself to enable extreme performance and best in class user experience which is explicitly designed to deliver high performance analytics, modeling and planning with unmatched speed, intelligence, simplicity and manageability by using industry standard hardware, market leading business intelligence software and in-memory database technology that allows for the optimum use of massive amounts of compute and high-speed memory.

Optimized Solutions provides successful experience in networking, operating system, and virtualization aspects of the Oracle Exalytics, which is designed especially for business Intelligence and enterprise performance management for storing your business Intelligence data in main memory with high speed without latency.

Mobile Application Development

The emergence of mobile revolution has brought significant implications for enterprises, corporations, institutions and individuals. Building and implementing right strategy for leveraging mobile technologies is a major business challenge for enterprises today. With the prolific growth in mobile devices, it is changing the expectations and demands of employees and customers and it is happening at a rapid pace.

Business operation application can be compatible with mobile platforms for enhanced customer advocacy and augmented business value. Optimized Solutions provide enterprise back end applications with information systems anytime anywhere for mobility solutions with strategy, implementation and test automation to leverage the technology to drive your business.

Cloud Integration

With the rise of cloud computing, the need for data integration will raise so to establish that cloud-based data integration is particular. Cloud Integration is an integrated application with high level of agility, flexibility and cost efficiency with self healing and simplified integration.

Optimized Solutions provide Cloud Integration services focus on assisting Enterprises in understanding the value, risks, and timing of migrating portions of the IT portfolio to the cloud. Combining our strong foundations of IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Systems Integration, we provide a balanced business view along with the deep technical delivery capabilities required to maximize the benefits of these new technologies.

Hadoop Development

Hadoop is similar to operating system which manages and heals itself; it is scalable fault tolerant grid operating system for data storage and processing. Apache Hadoop, an open-source software framework built on the powerful and new data platform. Our Hadoop consultants perform onsite visits, execute a thorough analysis, provide recommendations based on our findings, and perform end to end implementations.

At Optimized Solutions, our skilled Hadoop programmers assist our clients in designing, creating, and maintaining a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) solution with Hadoop to leverage and augment their existing systems, enable strategically focused planning, and offer insight into competitive markets. Our product development and services have been proven to be highly valuable in some of the most innovative enterprises and complex data environments across different industries.

Apache Hive :

Apache Hive provides massively scalable computations grid which is an open source data warehouse system for querying and analyzing large datasets stored in distributed computing environment in hadoop files. Data summarization, querying and analyzing are the main functions of Hive which supports summarization, analysis, and ad-hoc querying of very large datasets distributed across a cluster of commodity hardware. Optimized Solutions, the open source integration company makes it easy to work with Apache Hive and to integrate Hive into your enterprise data flows which deliver seamless Apache Hive in Big Data for fault-tolerant data warehousing.

Pig :

Apache Pig is an open source technology, a high level procedural language for analyzing large semi-structured of data by representing them as data flows to compose complex Map Reduce transformations and create query execution routines for analyzing large, distributed data sets. Optimized Solutions built programming Map Reduce tasks to get your Business Tasks done efficiently, data-flow language for which large scale parallel implementations, and provides optimization opportunities to execute automatically, allowing the user to focus on their trade.

No SQL :

No SQL stands back from the relational scheme in favor of scalability, performance high and predictable, enables distribution of data to several linked machines, flexible storage and simple data modeling. It is increasingly considered a viable alternative to relational databases, especially as more organizations recognize that operating at scale is better achieved on clusters of standard, commodity servers, and a schema-less data model is often better for the variety and type of data captured and processed today. Optimized Solutions is the global leader in developing database management software products and commands in the relational database market for complete platform to speed development, provides such kind of commodity to lead your business for clear separation of saving from application logic

At OptimizedSol, we make the integration and exchange of critical business information easy. Whether you're looking for application integration, Cloud integration or Data Integration - in the cloud or on premise - OptimizedSol offers a combination of data integration products, tools and services for your specific business needs.

Data Integration

OptimizedSol is a data integration platform/consulting service provider that helps companies get more value from their data quickly—without massive infrastructure expenses or years of project investment. At OptimizedSol, we solve data integration challenges expertly. Manipulating and massaging complex data, OptimizedSol works with data projects, formats, and protocols, even those involving large volumes of data.

Achieving true data integration means much more than just raw data processing power.It refers to an end-to-end process that begins the moment a data-related problem is recognized to the point when the data is in the right place and form to be analyzed and monetized.

Data integration involves combining data from several disparate sources(Structured and Unstructured Data), which are stored using various technologies and provide a unified view of the data. Data integration becomes increasingly important in cases of merging systems of two companies or consolidating applications within one company to provide a unified view of the company's data assets.

Data Integration often involves the following steps.

  1. Data warehousing
  2. Data migration
  3. Enterprise application/information integration
  4. Master data management

With our cloud-based data services, you can now tackle your most complex data initiatives with the speed, agility, reliability and security needed to keep your business moving.

Our platform can integrate with a variety of business applications such as:

  1. SAP Hana
  2. Oracle BI
  3. Infinispan
  4. Apache Hadoop
  5. Big Data
  6. Apache Spark
  7. Spagobi

Cloud Integration

OptimizedSol cloud-based data services and solutions offer the freedom and flexibility of the cloud while leveraging the data models you currently have in place.

Our cloud infrastrucre is built by experts using state of the art technology such as the Swift protocol on open stack, eucalyptus(s3), glacier etc., to power your business.


A wide variety of cloud services including infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (Saas) Clean Data through the seamless replication, cleansing, synchronizing and securing of data between external and on-premise applications and databases. In-Memory computing for lightning fast data manipulation and analysis. Scalable, Secure and robust cloud infrastructure for your business.

Application Integration

Every day, companies lose market advantage by failing to share data across the enterprise. Application integration has become cumbersome, costly and resource-intensive at a time when many companies simply don’t have the resources available.

OptmizedSol provides your business with a seamless integration to information service. Successful enterprise integrations demand an approach that encompasses clear business objectives, business process integration and collaborative strategies. Our integration service approach ensures that entire multi-enterprise applications are integrated and developed within the context of the business, that the systems satisfy business requirements within all levels of the enterprise and that they remain flexible and responsive to changes in the business strategy.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration are typically designed to interface or integrate with other enterprise applications used within the organization and to be developed across a variety of networks while meeting strict requirements for security and administration management assisting the organization in solving enterprise problems.

EAI by Optimized Solutions refers to the plans, methods, and tools aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the computer applications in an enterprise involving to develop a new total view of an enterprise’s business and its applications, seeing how existing applications fit into the new model, and then devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data.

Web Methods Integration :

Web Methods Integration leverages your IT infrastructure through integrate virtually any system or application, including SAP, Oracle, mainframe legacy systems and even custom coding, instant access to enterprise events on your mobile device, monitor & collaborate on activity streams, Consolidate all business related social streams. Optimized Solutions by using web methods Integration eliminates redundant data entry, avoid costly point to point integrations and assure to the latest, most relevant information for accurate agile decision making. We provide fast installation for multiple environments and you can choose any integration pattern such as on-demand, scheduled or event driven interactions.

Web Sphere Integration:

Web sphere Integration is an infrastructure service that is well integrated with other transformation components to support the development of complex integration solutions which is user friendly eclipse based developer tool providing visual drag and drop programming and a test environment provides completely visible and manage your business processes that scales smoothly and easily from an initial project to a enterprise wide program. Optimized Solutions simplifies integration with rich features by rendering existing IT assets as service components, and increases efficiently with integrate testing, debugging, and deployment for solution development which improves your business gains with estimated heights.

Mule Soft Integration:

Mule Soft Integration delivers scalable, secure, and proven solutions for connecting SAP with the business needs at any point platform to connect SAP to anything, anywhere with any system or data source and expose SAP data and functionality on the web via mobile device supporting all protocols, high performance and throughout for large scale deployments. We are the trusted platform to handle the task to architecture Mule Soft Integration for sophisticated results for your business needs and accomplish this scaling in a graceful Unified manner at any point platform for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid integration and provides fast, secure and scalable.

Camel Integration:

Apache Camel Integration is the open source framework which enables easy integration of different applications which uses several protocols and technologies deploys standalone application coming up with good solutions to integration problems and pre configured for a range of production environments. Optimized Solution provides ideal solutions of Apache camel with complementary data integration technology for powerful and versatile enterprise infrastructure toolset of high performance open source routing and mediation engine that drives message-based integration of heterogeneous systems and applications. We have the experts to handle, model the technology and fully support your business with our technology experts.